Make Good Choices

New year's resolutions 2022

  1. be intentional
  2. make good choices
  3. iterate

That is it. When faced with any decision think about the short, medium and long term impacts,  make a good choice and be intentional about it.

There is a little bit more: be aware of the impact of those choices and be prepared to adjust course appropriately.

Sometimes it is not possible to get into the sweet spot where we are making the best choice right away but we can make good choices and keep improving.

Without review and adjustment initial good choices can lead to drifting into, well, no choice which is where I find myself at the end of 2021.

A Venn type diagram with three overlapping squares
Make Good Choices

Intention for 2022 - my choices will lead to better outcomes for:

  • mental and physical health
  • flow (productivity and ideas)
  • business sustainability
  • my family, friends, clients and others
  • climate

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