Virtual Liberating Structures

Screen showing Liberating Structures icons

Since 2018 I have been interested in how we might use some of the Liberating Structures online without losing the integrity of the original structure.

We worked on a number of structures in a virtual sandbox meetup using Zoom, a number of different ways to run 25/10 crowdsourcing were attempted in a session run by Keith McCandless and lot of work has gone into David Heath's  Virtual Liberating Structures Community Handbook.

Some of the structures work really well online for example User Experience Fishbowl, sometimes what is achieved is different but still good for example Mad Tea/Chatterfall and others rely too much on moving in space to be successful using Zoom or shared documents.

I have been working with a virtual online space and have been running other structures for example Folding Spectrogram and Impromptu Networking. If you would like to see these in action I will be running a taster session at Teacamp Virtual on Friday 25th February from 12:00 GMT.