ADHD & me. How might we: create the best conditions possible for getting things done?

New experiment:

Alt - Would anyone here like to try a virtual office? I am thinking of anyone who struggles with working alone or with getting things done without external accountability. Features include ability to get on with work quietly & a space to chat when you are having a break - rsvp

I would like to host an online group who can :

  • work quietly if they are ready and able to
  • announce their intention for the session if they would like to
  • sit in a chat space while having a break and speak to anyone else there
  • ask for suggestions by text
  • experiment with different ways of working and report their findings

Let me know if you are interested on Twitter

I asked ChatGPT to create some marketing copy for the lols

Attention all remote workers! Are you feeling the struggles of working alone and lacking accountability? Introducing the virtual office, the solution to all your problems! With the virtual office, you can work quietly and efficiently without any distractions. But we know that taking breaks and interacting with others is also important, so we have included a space for you to chat and connect with others during your breaks.
Take control of your workday and join us in our virtual office where you can:
Work quietly and get things done
Announce your intention for the session to the group for accountability and motivation
Take a break and chat with others in a dedicated space
Ask for suggestions and support through text
Experiment with different ways of working and share your findings with the group.
RSVP today and join a supportive community of like-minded remote workers!