Me & ADHD. The Middle Way

Me & ADHD. The Middle Way
The Golden Mean
The golden mean or golden middle way is the desirable middle between two extremes, one of excess and the other of deficiency.

Mean also means average, which has negative connotations however if you have ADHD sometimes a bit of average would be nice. If you know, you know.

When I am in balance and well prepared, I am able to tread what I call the middle way, otherwise I am either in hyperfocus and exhausted or spinning my wheels, getting nowhere and feeling frustrated.

When I need to get something done I have some tools I use to get me in the best possible mode:

  • Accountability - I tell someone what I am going to do and by when. Even better I have a body double, someone else probably getting on with their own thing.
  • Under promise and over deliver - I will usually give myself a low bar to pass as once I am motivated and in flow I will often carry on and deliver far more than promised. This allows me to still feel successful when I am not feeling as motivated.
  • Flex timeboxing - I use a timebox so I have a period of time to work within e.g. a day or a half day, however I am able to 'stop the clock' and stretch, go outside briefly, have a cup of tea or something to eat without feeling guilty.
  • Interval focus - within the timebox, I will use short timed bursts of 15 - 45 minutes to get me moving forward on a task.
  • Use my time productively, no matter what - I have a list of suitable tasks for days when I am motivated and a list of suitable tasks for days when I am not so motivated.
  • Set myself up for the next session - I write notes to myself so that I can get into flow as quickly as possible the next time I pick up a task.

What else works for you?

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