ADHD tax more examples

OK, not being able to find my degree certificate - so what?

I thought I would share a few of my more costly and frustrating ones for your delectation:

Replacing items:

  • Lost items e.g. a Mont Blanc pen & A Xmas gift of expensive aftershave which I lost immediately after paying for it when I put my bags down to get my purse out in the next shop
  • Things I need with me and have forgotten e.g. Headphones (so many)
  • Things I know I have but can't find (they must be somewhere safe) 🙄
  • Things I have forgotten I have as they are out of sight

Travelling to collect things I have left behind:

  • My phone - there is an entire community of people who have found my phone and held on to it for me - Thanks all
  • I left a suitcase on the bus in London on the way from the hotel to the venue, luckily on the last day of a course. I had to travel from Leeds to Baker street to collect it the next time I was in London
  • A bunch of things in hotel rooms/pubs/other venues
  • Failing to notice that when I changed some options the hotel booking site had defaulted back to the current date instead of the date I wanted to book
  • Numerous subscriptions which have automatically renewed which I should have cancelled

I have done some research (Twitter search "ADHD tax") and in the next few posts I will go through some of the examples and explain how I try to reduce the frequency and minimise the effect.

I guess that one of the benefits of ADHD is that your memory is so poor that it reduces the shame over time so that is something...