ADHD Tax Strategies 1

I have done some research (Twitter search "ADHD tax") and in the next few posts I will go through some of the examples and explain how I try to reduce the frequency and minimise the effect.

In ADHD the ability to remember things without some kind of sensory cue, such as seeing it right in front of you or hearing a verbal reminder is impaired. For example my suitcase which I had placed on the luggage rack on the bus minutes before, was effectively invisible to me by the time I got off. This is a regular occurrence. My granddaughter is still not keen on my cooking as I burnt bolognese sauce while distracted in 2011. An example from my research also relates to cooking "I have destroyed so many pots by leaving the stove on and getting distracted."

  • I try not to do more than one thing at a time. This is very difficult as I have a low boredom threshold and if one thing is taking a while I will be tempted to start something else while waiting. It rarely turns out well
  • I keep a small notebook and pen and make notes
  • When leaving a hotel room I look around and collect everything in one place to avoid leaving power supplies etc
  • I use an apple watch and set reminders or timers which remind me to check what I was doing
  • Try to leave things in sensible and consistent places e.g. things I need to take with me in a bag in front of the door (so I can't walk past them).
  • Put things away before getting settled in with something else e.g. my phone or a book especially when travelling
  • Alexa reminders while cooking
  • Lists