ADHD Tax - a bit about my situation

Thank you for reading and commenting on these posts over the past week. I have had quite a few interesting conversations as a result of these posts. I thought it might be worth clarifying some personal circumstances.

  • I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2008 when I was 38 years old. I had never considered neurodiversity a possibility until I met someone with Dyspraxia and recognised some of their experience. As a young child I was often top of my class but did not do so well once we had longer pieces of work to complete without supervision [TICK]
  • For years I wondered why I am unable to do certain things or why I can only do certain things when the stars align and I am motivated. [TICK]
  • I am unmedicated, mostly because I have not followed up on my late diagnosis with my GP. When I did discuss this with a new GP having moved I was given a sheaf of forms to complete and return - I have not returned them *shocker* [TICK]
  • I have no idea how much ADHD has cost me financially but I have spent thousands of pounds on self improvement, new notebooks, software, gadgets etc. [TICK]
  • I have found some ways to mitigate some of the challenges some of the time. I can also help other people to do things I can't do for myself, as most of us can. [TICK]
I am really interested to hear about your experience of ADHD in particular or Neurodiversity more generally. What challenges do you have? What works for you at least some of the time? What do you need help with and where do you get that help?