ADHD Tax Strategies 3

I have done some research (Twitter search "ADHD tax") and in the next few posts I will go through some of the examples and explain how I try to reduce the frequency and minimise the effect.

Some of the situations which occur are almost farcical so many things go wrong.

In the research there was a Tweet thread about a woman who had left her handbag at home as it was too heavy with spare coins, so she accidentally left her purse in a restaurant. The next night she was going out and a friend was going to pick up the purse from the restaurant and bring it to her. She got dropped off to take a train but was not able to pay with her phone and had no change. She ordered an Uber and typed the destination in incorrectly so had to double back costing her $60 and making her late to meet her friends.

This reminds me of the proverb “For want of a nail, the shoe was lost. For want of a shoe, the horse was lost. For want of a horse, the rider was lost. For want of a rider, the battle was lost."

  • Look after the essentials, money, keys, phone. It gets complicated fast when we lose any of those
  • Take a bit of time to plan how you will deal with the loss of things. I have cards set up on my phone and have some cash loose in a pocket in my bag in case I put my purse down (again)
  • Prepare a little more thoroughly. If she had had the postcode for the meeting place she would not have gone wrong in the Uber