You might be an ADHDer if:

  • You spend more time on the Find My app than your socials
  • You have five of everything and still can't find one when you need it
  • You can read a book again without being bored of the story
  • You're either early or late but never right on time
  • Someone is talking and your brain says "that was important" just as you realise that you didn't hear it properly (or it didn't stay in your brain)
  • You have lots of hobbies and projects started
  • You have lots of brilliant ideas and no time to do them all

What else can you think of?

If this sounds like you, you might benefit from some ADHD coaching.

I can help you with planning, breaking down tasks into manageable steps and being an accountability buddy.

We can work on self advocacy and building on your strengths. You will still be you but you might feel a little more in control.

If you have not yet applied for Access to Work I can help with that too.

Here is a comment from one of my clients:

"I really value the coaching sessions I have with Sharon. More than any other coach I’ve worked with, she has an ability to create the space for me to further explore myself and come to realisations which move my personal journey and narrative forward. Indeed at times it seems that Sharon is picking up on key words and phrases and then allowing me to “zoom in” on them, recognising those areas which may be difficult, whether not fully formed ideas or not fully able to be articulated. Sharon is a coach that seems to be able to work to my rhythms. This involves a great deal of empathy and insight. Both are qualities Sharon has. I look forward to the sessions we have."

If this sounds like something you would find useful book a half hour chat to see how I might be able to help.