Sharon Dale

Sharon Dale

Dot joiner and convener

One to one coaching

You might be finding work a struggle at the moment

ADHDers and friends membership

Detail about the membership group

Do you struggle to concentrate?

This is what it feels like in my head a

You might be an ADHDer if:

* You spend more time on the Find My app than

Setting yourself up for success

Here are some things I have been working on with

You keep using that phrase, I do not think it means what you think it means — Best Practice

I am often asked for the best practice in a

What impact does remote working have on ADHDers?

I am a fan of working from home, you may

My ADHD story

In 2008, I met with a trainee who spoke to

Take a TEA break

The TEA framework is a productivity model that focuses on

Coaching for people with ADHD

Coaching can be a valuable tool for individuals with ADHD